The Incubator and School of Business

The Business Incubator

We are equipped to assist and support you as an entrepreneurs to develop and grow your businesses. Our model is based on our accelerated business growth program. The BizVenue model focuses on supporting you toward winning. You will set your goals, you control your pace and most importantly you own your vision, we will help get there. Our role is to take away the non-core day to day functions of running a business thus leaving you with ample room and time to focus on the core functions demanded by your business vision. Our business advisory team work in a supportive role, offering alternative view points and strategic business advice.

At BizVenue we have worked with entrepreneurs at all stages of their business life cycles. If you are an entrepreneur currently looking for business support, back office support or assistance to access business funding we are able to help you.

Our incubation facilities are located in a professional and business friendly environment, offering offices, WIFI, reception and call answering services, meeting rooms, boardrooms and conferencing facilities.

Incubator Packages

Onsite Incubation Program Package – Offered From Our premises

  • Dedicated telephone number
  • Professional call answering in business name
  • Front office service
  • Access to boardroom and meeting rooms facilities
  • Work Stations
  • Internet Access
  • Accounting
  • Legal

Offsite Incubation Program Package - Offered From Your premises

  1. Business Networking Sessions
  2. Business Breakfasts
  3. Advisory services
  4. Site Visits
  5. Strategic planning and review workshops
  6. Forums

School of Business

Our programs are an intricate mix of economics and business academics, apprenticeship and mentorship structured to achieve unambiguous results. The program fully integrates business theory and practical training methodologies and processes. The courses are designed to assist candidates with immediate knowledge, executed through real time, on the ground activity based learner-ships.

The school’s soft infrastructure process is based on three support apparatus, the virtual offices, the incubator and the financial services.

We give our students an overview of business, entrepreneurial roles, and technologies that affect business. We teach on how to establish a viable business, how to identify opportunities and how build winning teams and how to implement typical day to day business responsibilities.

Course activities will cover personal development, business relationships, vision dissemination, failure and success management, evaluation of personal performance and self-monitoring mechanisms.

Our Entrepreneurship Education Philosophy

Entrepreneurship education is often taught in one of two ways: either as a key competence or as a specific business related topic. There is now a widespread recognition of the value of the former approach over the latter. Traditionally, however, entrepreneurship has tended to be treated narrowly as a matter of how to set up and run a business rather than more broadly as a set of transversal skills and attitudes. Entrepreneurship education should centre more on development than schooling incumbents.